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I’ll Share My Spoons
By Kate Welsh

December 10 to Mid January
Talking Walls Exhibition Space
Main Hallway, Hart House

I’ll Share My Spoons is an exhibition based on artist, activist, and advocate Kate Welsh’s Crip Care Cards project. The series of 10 greeting cards was developed as an alternative to “get well” cards. Get well cards can often feel patronizing especially if you have a chronic illness and the notion of getting “better” or getting “well” is out of reach. Episodic disabilities are long-term conditions that are characterized by periods of good health interrupted by periods of illness or disability. These periods may vary in severity, length and predictability from one person to another. Kate made these cards so that family and friends can express their care and love while honouring the reality of the chronically sick person’s illness. This project was developed in May 2017 at the Feminist Art Collective residency on Toronto Island.

Care Cards for Disability Justice Get Crafty! workshop

Thursday January 31st, 11am-1pm Hart House Reading Room

In collaboration with Students for Barrier Free Access, and the 2019 Hart House Hancock Lecture Student Advisory Committee, artist and disability activist Kate Welsh will lead Get Crafty! on January 31st. Through a process of collage, marker art, digital overlay and stenciling we will create Care Cards for friends and loved ones. As an alternative to “Get Well” cards, the project “Ill Share My Spoons” creates community through intimate conversations about care. At Get Crafty! we will continue to have these conversations about care and disability justice while creating handmade cards.

Reframing Difference Exhibition & Podcast

January 28 to February 7, 2019
Talking Walls Exhibition Space
Main Hallway, Hart House

This exhibition highlights the voices of U of T students living with disabilities. The purpose of the exhibition and audio stories is to bring awareness to the lived experiences of people with disabilities, and to build compassion and understanding for members of our community.

For more information and to access the audio stories please go to


Feb 10, 2019, 8pm
Debates Room, Hart House

In conjunction with their re-mount of Prince Hamlet at CanStage (Feb 2019) Theatre Whynot will host an evening of conversation led by deaf actor Dawn Jani Birley (Horatio) and Director Ravi Jain about creating Prince Hamlet; a bilingual ASL/English production of Shakespeare’s play. Topics of discussion will be translation and relevance of classics, hearing/deaf collaborations, how to make more effective collaborations.

This event made possible with the support of Hart House, the University of Toronto Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies, the University of Toronto Accessibility Services, Why Not Theatre, and Canadian Stage.

Prince Hamlet: in conversation with Dawn Jani Birley


Community Kitchen: Accessibility, Food Justice and Disability Justice


March 4, 2019, 11-2 pm Waters Lounge, Woodsworth College Presented by Student Barrier-Free Access, U of T Community Kitchen, and Woodsworth College.

This Community Kitchen will introduce attendees to disability justice, food justice, and the intersections between the movements. We will centre disabled people and disabled people's experiences in our conversations about disability justice and food justice. This event is connected to the Hancock Lecture.

Facilitated by Asam Ahmad and Nadia Kanani.

November 5, 2018

Screenings of keynote addresses at by Anita Cameron and Mia Mingus at Hart House, followed by a facilitated discussion.

Originally Hosted at MIT on October 13, 2018

Screening of Keynote speakers at the DIS (Disability and Intersectionality) Conference